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Offer from AversMed and DocLife

We always strive to make quality medical diagnostics more accessible to you. That’s why we’re excited to announce our special promotional offer: 20% off MRI and CT services every Saturday and Monday!

Promotions are valid in diagnostic centers:  AversMED та Doc Life

Promotion conditions – 20% discount on MRI and CT.

As part of our corporate patient support program, we are introducing a 20% discount on MRI and CT services. Please note that this discount is only available on Saturday and Mondays, and does not apply to MRI and CT scans with contrast.

To receive a discount, please enter the code word when signing up for the examination. The code word must be found on this page.

Did you find the code word? – Call

Devote a day off to your health

Health is the most valuable thing that every person has. But in today’s fast-paced world, we often lose the opportunity to listen to our bodies, ignoring small symptoms that may indicate serious problems. MRI and CT examinations are key diagnostic methods that allow us to “look” inside our body and detect possible pathologies in the early stages. a discount on MRI and CT – this will make the examination more humane.

What could be better than devoting one of the days off to your health, spent in an atmosphere of professionalism and care of our specialists? We understand the importance of regular medical examination and want every patient to benefit from our services.

That is why we introduced a special offer. It is during the weekend, when you can take time for yourself, that we offer a 20% discount on MRI and CT scans. A preventive examination is an investment in your future, an opportunity to prevent or detect diseases at an early stage.

And for those who are making efforts to take a step towards maintaining and improving their health, we have a special offer. You just need to find this code word – “Aversmed20” among the information on our website and mention it during the appointment for examination.

Don’t miss – a discount on MRI and CT, this chance to take care of your health, using the latest medical equipment and expert experience of our doctors. Make the right choice for your well-being and safety!

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Your beauty and health at a special price at AversMed

We always strive to give our patients the best, so we regularly offer promotional offers and discounts. Follow the news on the “AversMed” clinic website to always be aware of our special offers. The discount on MRI and CT is a useful tool for those who are engaged in preventive examination.

And here is great news for those who dream of smooth skin without unwanted hair: right now we are offering a unique 50% discount on the first laser hair removal session of one area. Take advantage of this favorable offer and get the perfect result from our professionals!

Remember that health and beauty need your attention, and we are always here to help you with this! or read in detail about the prices of MRI and CT

Special Promotion on MRI and CT scan from our partners – Doc Life clinic!

We always strive to provide the best for our patients. But here is another good news for those who want to feel perfect. Thanks to the cooperation with our dedicated partners from the Doc Life clinic, we have a great offer for you!

We are currently offering a unique 50% discount on the first laser epilation session of one area using the latest Alexandrite laser “Moveo”. This is the perfect way to get the ultimate result and enjoy the feeling of smooth skin.

Follow the news on the “AversMed” clinic website so you don’t miss our promotional offers and discounts. We are always nearby, ready to answer your questions and help you take care of your beauty and health.