CT Computed Tomography Kyiv. CT scan in Kiev

The modern CT scanner in Kiev is located in the Center for Innovative Medical Technologies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, established on the basis of the Hospital for Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. CT scan in Kiev (CT tomography) with unique modern additional protocols of Cardiology and Oncology examination.

Appointment for CT scan today in Kyiv

  • Kyiv, Podil, Voznesensky Uzviz, 22
  • 9:00 – 17:00
  • CT scan price from UAH 1,200.
  • the price of CT scan with contrast – UAH 2,600
CT Computed Tomography Kyiv. CT scan in Kiev
CT scan (computer tomograph) 160 slices.

CT scan consultation

CT Computed Tomography Kyiv. CT scan in Kiev

Questions about CT scan

It is not possible and not correct to compare CT or MRI, because these are different diagnostic methods that can only complement each other. CT is a method of radiation diagnostics, and MRI is a magnetic resonance type of diagnostics due to the effect of a magnetic field on cells. For example, for the diagnosis of oncology, simultaneous scanning of MRI with contrast and CT with contrast is used even of the same anatomical areas, because MRI determines the activity of cells and tissues, and CT – the density of a tumor or metastases. Due to the radiation load on the patient during CT diagnostics, such diagnostics should be carried out carefully and only according to indications. MRI is not harmful and can be prescribed to both children and pregnant women, taking into account the peculiarities of the pregnancy period. Therefore, MRI of the whole body, as a rule, is a screening method and a check-up for a regular preventive examination.

CT with contrast is prescribed for oncology or CT angiography of vessels and arteries. Contrast-enhanced CT is sometimes called oncoscreening CT, because contrast enhances the detection of cancer and metastases. Only your attending physician can prescribe CT with contrast. Since there is a certain harm from CT exposure itself and the possibility of a reaction to contrast, such diagnosis with contrast CT is performed only when absolutely necessary, if there is no other method of diagnosis, for example, MRI with contrast or MRI with DWI function, which in some cases is more appropriate and a more informative method of diagnosis than CT with contrast. Example: MRI with contrast of the brain will be more informative in oncology than CT with contrast of the head.

The price of a CT scan in Kyiv (Right Bank CT scan) is usually from UAH 1,000 to UAH 1,400 (without contrast) and a CT scan with contrast from UAH 2,600 to UAH 2,800. The price of CT in Kyiv depends on two factors: the first is a new or old CT machine, the second is the use of the number of protocols during scanning. For example, on old CT machines, fewer scanning protocols are used, so your doctor will have less useful clinical information, which will not allow the doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis and, as a rule, leads to repeated scanning and, accordingly, excess radiation load on the patient. Therefore, choose modern CT machines with advanced scanning protocols, for example, AversMed Diagnostic Center and Doc Life Clinic

You can booking to CT scan Kiev (CT) is possible by phone 067 390 91 93 or through the Viber chat – go to the chat. Registration for CT scan Kyiv is possible on the day of application, but in some cases, it is necessary to prepare or pass a creatinine test during the CT scan with contrast. You can read useful tips on preparing for a CT scan on the website of the Doc Life clinic.

CT scan or MSCT tomography is one and the same meaning of computed tomography. Simply, the name is usually shortened to KT or MSCT. MSCT is Multispiral Computed Tomography, and CT is short for Computed Tomography. Sometimes you can find the following abbreviations in medical prescriptions: SCT, MSCT and CT – all this is one meaning of computer tomography.

Preparation for CT scan

How to properly prepare for a CT scan or a contrast-enhanced CT scan.

All the information on the correct preparation for a CT scan with or without contrast is collected on one page and can be found here.

Innovative CT Kyiv (MSKT Tomography)

the AversMed Medical Center has a modern CT computed tomography scanner with modern and innovative diagnostic techniques on CT tomography. In addition, the diagnostic functions of CT can be supplemented by MRI. A unique opportunity to undergo MRI and CT at the same time.

Patient weight up to 180 kg

The CT table is designed for 200 kg, but as a rule, the weight of the patient on the CT should not be more than 180 kg.

Waist up to 160 cm.

The patient’s waist for CT diagnosis should not exceed 160 cm in the bulkiest part of the body

Price from UAH 1,200.

the price of diagnostic CT can be from 1200 UAH, and 2600 UAH for CT with contrast. In addition, it is possible to undergo a diagnosis of the whole body for UAH 5,000.

CT scan in Kiev. All questions about computed tomography in Kyiv

When CT scan is used

CT scans can produce detailed images of many structures inside the body, including internal organs, blood vessels, and bones.

Computed tomography (MSCT tomography) performs the following diagnostic function:

  • Traumatology and Oncology CT diagnostics – to diagnose bone damage, including bone cracks and fractures, internal organ injuries, blood flow problems, stroke and cancer.
  • CT planning and CT biopsy – for example, a computed tomography (CT) scan can help determine the location, size and shape of a tumor before radiotherapy or allow the doctor to take a puncture biopsy (where a small sample of tissue is removed with a needle) or drain an abscess.
  • CT control diagnostics in oncology – monitoring conditions, including checking the size of tumors during and after cancer treatment
КТ печінки з контрастом
CT scan of the liver with contrast. CT of a large hepatic alveolar echinococcosis localized to the right hepatic lobe, caudate lobe, and left medial lobe in Case 21. Axial arterial phase CT (a) demonstrates that the right hepatic artery is mildly invaded by the lesion. Axial CT phase of the portal vein (b) shows invasion of the right portal vein with severe involvement (hollow arrow). Slow-phase axial CT (c) reveals obliteration of the right hepatic veins (arrow) and invasion of the second porta hepatis (arrow). Sagittal reconstruction of portal vein phase data (d) demonstrates severe invasion of the retrohepatic vena cava (hollow arrow). Coronal reconstruction of portal vein phase data (e) indicates invasion of the first port of the liver (arrowhead). A 3D reconstructed image obtained from portal vein phase data (f) shows the location of the lesion and the relationship between the lesion and the hepatic artery, portal vein, hepatic vein, and inferior vena cava. 3D reconstructed images from arterial phase (g) and from portal venous phase data (h and i) show the relationship between the lesion and the hepatic artery, portal vein, hepatic vein and inferior vena cava in multiple views, respectively. Notes 1, lesions; 2 — hepatic artery; 3 — inferior vena cava; 4 — abdominal aorta; 5 — portal vein; 6 — hepatic vein.

Computed tomography (MSCT) is not usually used for preventive or screening tests unless there is a clear indication or referral for a CT scan (known as screening).

This is explained by the fact that CT tomography during diagnosis emits X-rays, which in their entirety can cause harm to health. The benefits of screening may not outweigh the risks, especially if it leads to unnecessary anxiety.

Computed tomography price from 1200 hryvnias.

Prices for Computed Tomography can be conditionally divided into three types:

  • CT scan with contrast – UAH 2,600
  • CT without contrast – 1200 UAH.
  • computer tomography of the whole body, price – 6400 hryvnias.
  • Computed tomography of the lungs Kyiv price – 1200 UAH.

Preparation for CT scan diagnosis (MSCT tomography)

Depending on the part of the body, the scanning zone, the preparation for CT diagnostics depends on it. Computed tomography (MSCT), depending on the doctor’s referral, what indicators or diagnosis the doctor wants to refute or confirm, and the correctness of preparation for the CT depends.

CT scan of abdominal organs with contrast costs from UAH 2,600, and requires careful preparation for CT diagnosis. An abdominal CT with contrast requires maximum clearance. You may be advised not to eat anything for several hours before the appointment to ensure clear images.

You should contact the hospital after receiving your appointment letter if you have allergies or kidney problems, or if you are taking medication for diabetes, as special measures may be required.

You should also tell the hospital if you are pregnant. A CT scan is not usually recommended for pregnant women unless it is an emergency, as there is a small chance that the X-ray could harm your baby.

It is recommended that you wear loose, comfortable clothing as you may wear them during the scan.

Try to avoid wearing jewelery and clothing containing metal (such as zips) as these will need to be removed.

CT of the abdominal cavity. AversMed CT Kyiv Right Bank. st.m. Contract area. Voznesensky Uzviz 22.
CT of the abdominal cavity. AversMed CT Kyiv Right Bank. st.m. Contract area. Voznesensky Uzviz 22.

Перед проведенням КТ

Before the scan, you may be given a special dye called contrast to improve the quality of the images.

This can be swallowed as a drink, injected into the butt (enema) or injected into a blood vessel.

Tell the radiologist if you feel anxious or claustrophobic before the scan.

They can give you advice to help you feel calm and can arrange for you to be sedated (medicine to help you relax) if needed.

You may be asked to remove your clothes and put on a gown before the scan begins.

You will also be asked to remove anything metallic, such as jewellery, as metal interferes with the scanning equipment.

What happens during a CT scan

Computed tomography of the lungs costs UAH 1,200. A CT scan usually takes 3 to 15 minutes. During CT with contrast, the scan time can be from 20 to 40 minutes. Depending on the scanning bodies.

During the scan, you usually lie on your back on a flat bed that passes into the CT scanner.

The scanner consists of a ring that rotates around a small part of your body as you pass through it.

Unlike an MRI, the scanner doesn’t cover your entire body at once, so you shouldn’t feel claustrophobic.

The radiologist will operate the scanner from an adjacent room. During the scan, you will be able to hear them and talk to them through the intercom.

During each scan, you need to lie still and breathe normally. This ensures that scanned images are not blurry.

You may be asked to inhale, exhale, or hold your breath at certain times.