CT in Kyiv & AversMed CT scan

CT Computed Tomography Kyiv, Right Bank. CT scan. CT in Kyiv

CT scan in Kiev. The modern CT CT scanner in Kyiv on Podol is located in the Center for Innovative Medical Technologies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, which was created on the basis of the Hospital for Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Right Bank of Kyiv MSCT tomography with unique modern protocols of Cardiology and Oncology CT examination.


CT Computed Tomography Kyiv, Right Bank. CT scan. CT in Kyiv CT in Kyiv & AversMed CT scan

Diagnostic consultation

CT Computed Tomography Kyiv, Right Bank. CT scan. CT in Kyiv CT in Kyiv & AversMed CT scan
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Why CT diagnostics at AversMed is your best choice

Welcome to the AversMed CT center, where health diagnostics reaches a new level thanks to modern technologies and highly qualified staff. We have everything for accurate and efficient CT diagnosis: from modern equipment to a wide range of services, which includes CT with contrast, specialized packages for oncology and cardiology, and the possibility of combined use of CT and MRI for the most complete examination.

Advantages of our CT equipment

We use two types of CT scanners that are among the best on the market:

  • Siemens Go.Up 64: This is a high-precision CT scanner that is ideal for a wide range of diagnostic needs.
  • Canon Aquilion PRIME SP with 160 slices: This scanner is equipped with an optional package for specialized diagnostic needs in oncology and cardiology.

Convenient location of the CT center in Kyiv

We have two centers on the Right and Left banks of Kyiv, which allows you to choose the most convenient option for you.

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Questions about CT

Не можливо та не правильно порівнювати КТ чи МРТ, адже це різні методи діагностики які можуть лише доповнювати один одного. КТ є метод променевої діагностики, а МРТ магнітно резонансний різновид діагностики за рахунок дії магнітного поля на клітини. Для прикладу, для діагностики онкології використовують одночасне сканування МРТ з контрастом та КТ з контрастом навіть одніх і тих самих анатомічних ділянок, тому що МРТ визначає активність клітин та тканин, а КТ – плотність пухлини чи метастазів. За рахунок променевого навантаження на пацієнта під час КТ діагностики, слід виважено та лише за показами проводити таку діагностику. МРТ не є шкідливим і може призначатися як дітям так і вагітним жінкам з урахуванням особливостей строку вагінтності. Тому МРТ всього тіла, як правило, є методом скринінгу та чек апом для регулярного профілактичного огляду.

КТ з контрастом призначається при онкології чи КТ ангіографії суди та артерій. КТ з контрастом інколи називають КТ онкоскринінг, адже контрастування підсилює виявлення раку та метастазів. Лише Ваш лікуючий лікар вправі призначити КТ з контрастом. Оскільки є певна шкідливість від самого опромінювання від КТ та можливість реакції на контраст, така діагностика з контрастуванням КТ проводиться виключно при крайній необхідності якщо не існує іншого методу діагностування, для прикладу МРТ з контрастом або МРТ з функцією DWI, що в деяких випадках є доцільнішим та інформативнішим методом діагностики чим КТ з контрастом. Приклад: МРТ з контрастом головного мозку буде більш інформативніше при онкології ніж КТ з контрастом голови.

Ціна на КТ Київ (Правий берег КТ) – як правило від 1300 грн до 1700 грн (без контрасту) та КТ з контрастуванням від 3000 грн до 4800 грн. Ціна на КТ в Києві залежить від двох чинників: перший – новий чи старий КТ апарат, другий – використання кількості протоколів під час сканування. Для прикладу, на старих апаратх КТ використовується меньша кількість протоколів сканування, відповідно для Вашого лікаря буде меньше корисної, клінічної інформації, що не дозволить лікарю встановити точний діагноз, і як правило призводить до повторного сканування і відповідно лишнього променевого навантаження на пацієнта. Тому, обирайте сучасні КТ апарати з розширеними протоколами сканування, для прикладу Діагностичний центр АверсМед та клініка Док Лайф

An appointment for CT scan Kyiv (right bank of CT scan) is possible by phone +380671728385 or through the Viber chat – go to the chat. An appointment for CT scan Kyiv is possible on the day of application, but in some cases, it is necessary to prepare or pass a creatinine test during the CT scan with contrast. You can read useful tips on preparing for a CT scan on the website of the Doc Life clinic.

CT or MSCT tomography is one and the same meaning of computed tomography. Simply, the name is usually shortened to KT or MSCT. MSCT is Multispiral Computed Tomography, and CT is short for Computed Tomography. Sometimes you can find the following abbreviations in medical prescriptions: SCT, MSCT and CT – all this is one meaning of computer tomography.

Preparation for the CT scan

How to properly prepare for a CT scan or a contrast-enhanced CT scan.

All the information on the correct preparation for a CT scan with or without contrast is collected on one page and can be found here.

Modern CT scan in Kiev (MSCT Tomography)

The Avers Med diagnostic center has a modern CT computed tomography scanner with innovative diagnostic techniques on CT tomography. In addition, the diagnostic functions of CT can be supplemented with MRI examination. A unique opportunity: undergo MRI and CT at the same time.

Patient weight up to 180 kg

The CT table is designed for 200 kg, but as a rule, the weight of the patient on the CT should not be more than 180 kg.

Waist up to 160 cm

The patient’s waist for CT diagnosis should not exceed 160 cm in the bulkiest part of the body

Price from UAH 1,300

the price of diagnostic CT can be from 1300 UAH, and 3000 UAH for CT with contrast. In addition, it is possible to undergo a diagnosis of the whole body for UAH 5,000.

all about CT in Kyiv

CT scan with contrast

We are proud to offer CT with contrast as one of our priority services. This technique is used for a more detailed study of tissues and vessels, and is indispensable in cases of suspicion of oncological diseases, examination of vessels, etc.

CT with Contrast

CT (computed tomography) with contrast is a diagnostic method in which a contrast agent is injected into the patient’s veins before scanning.

Oncology and Cardiology

Thanks to our state-of-the-art CT scanner Canon Aquilion PRIME 160 with optional package for oncology and cardiology, we can perform in-depth specialized examination in oncology and cardiology. This allows us to detect pathologies in the early stages and plan the correct treatment.

Combined CT and MRI diagnostics

For a comprehensive diagnostic approach, we offer the possibility of combining CT and MRI examinations. This allows you to get the most complete picture of the patient’s health.

CT Oncology programs

Diagnosis in oncology is an important component of successful treatment. At the Aversmed CT diagnostic center, we offer specialized CT programs that are purposefully designed for the detection and monitoring of oncological diseases.

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Examination options:
  • with contrast only
  • MRI with contrast is possible

Included Areas:

  • CT scan of the head and neck: To detect tumors of the brain, larynx, and thyroid gland.
  • CT scan of the chest: Examination of the lungs, mammary glands, lymph nodes.
  • Abdominal and pelvic CT: Evaluation of the liver, pancreas, intestines, and other pelvic organs.

The options:

  • With contrast: For a more accurate determination of the location and stage of the tumor.
  • Without contrast: In cases where contrast is contraindicated or not necessary for primary diagnosis.

CT of the head and neck

CT scans (computed tomography) of the head and neck are key types of diagnostic procedures that can help detect a number of medical problems. Below are the main types of examination that we offer

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Examination options:
  • with contrast only
  • MRI with contrast is possible

Types of examination:

KT of the Head

  • Diagnostics of craniocerebral injuries: To detect fractures, internal bleeding and other injuries.
  • Examination of suspected stroke: Rapid assessment of the condition of cerebral vessels and tissues.
  • Tumors and oncological diseases: Detailed analysis for the detection of neoplasms.
  • Sinusitis and other inflammatory processes: Detection of inflammation in the sinuses.

CT scan of the neck

  • Diagnosis of neck injuries: Assessment of the condition of the vertebrae, muscles and blood vessels.
  • Oncological diseases: Identification and staging of neck tumors.
  • Vascular study: Angiography of the neck vessels to assess the risk of vascular diseases.
  • Thyroid Disease: Assessment of Gland Size, Shape, and Structure.

Using modern equipment and advanced techniques, our “AversMed” center provides accurate and reliable diagnostics.

CT Angiography

CT angiography is a specialized procedure that allows you to obtain detailed images of blood vessels in various parts of the body. This is the most modern method of diagnosing vascular diseases and assessing the condition of vessels.

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Examination options:
  • with contrast only
  • MRI with contrast is possible

Main Types of CT Angiography We Offer:

  • Coronary angiography: A detailed study of the coronary arteries of the heart, which helps to detect stenoses, aneurysms and other pathologies.
  • Cerebral angiography: Used to detect aneurysms, stenoses and other vascular problems in the brain.
  • Angiography of the lower extremities: Diagnosis of changes in the blood vessels of the legs, which may be necessary for diabetes, atherosclerosis, etc.
  • Angiography of the organs of the abdominal cavity: Assesses the condition of the vessels of the liver, spleen, kidneys and other organs.

CT spine

CT of the spine is one of the most effective and informative methods for studying the structures of the spine, their condition and possible pathologies and causes of back pain. At AversMed, we offer an advanced approach to spine diagnostics using modern CT scanners in combination with spine MRI.

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Examination options:
  • with contrast only
  • MRI with contrast is possible

The main types of spine CT that we offer:

  • CT scan of the cervical spine: Ideal for diagnosing hernias, stenosis and other diseases of the cervical spine.
  • CT scan of the thoracic spine: Used to diagnose hernias, tumors and other pathological conditions.
  • CT scan of the lumbar spine: Often used to detect problems that can cause low back pain, such as hernias and stenosis.

CT of the chest organs (CT of the chest)

CT of the chest organs (CT of the chest) is a highly informative diagnostic method that allows you to obtain detailed images of the lungs, heart, large vessels, chest and adjacent structures. At AversMed, we use advanced CT scanners for accurate and reliable diagnosis.

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Examination options:
  • with contrast only
  • MRI with contrast is possible

The main types of CT OGK that we offer:

  • CT scan of the lungs: Used to diagnose diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, tumors and metastases.
  • CT scan of the heart and coronary arteries: Allows assessment of the condition of the myocardium, valves and coronary arteries.

CT complexes (several areas)

CT complexes represent a convenient and effective method of diagnosis, which allows simultaneous examination of several anatomical areas. As a rule, such complexes are used in Oncology and are performed with contrast

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Examination options:
  • with contrast only
  • MRI with contrast is possible

CT Complex “Health Triad”: OGK, OCP, OMT

This unique complex includes CT of the thoracic organs (CT), upper abdomen (OR) and lower abdomen (OMT). It is carried out with or without contrast enhancement for a detailed study of the organs and systems of the body.

Included Areas:

  • CT OGK: Diagnostics of lungs, heart and large vessels.
  • CT scan: Examination of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and upper part of the stomach.
  • CT OMT: Assessment of the condition of the kidneys, urinary tract, intestines and other organs of the lower abdomen, pelvic organs


  • With contrast: It is used for a detailed study of blood vessels and assessment of the functional state of organs.
  • Without contrast: Recommended for patients for whom contrast is contraindicated or for evaluation of structural characteristics of organs.

CT scan of abdominal organs (CT scan of the abdominal cavity)

CT scan of the abdominal organs is one of the most effective diagnostic methods for studying the organs and systems of the abdominal cavity. At AversMed, we use the latest Siemens equipment to provide this high-quality diagnostic service.

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Examination options:
  • with contrast only
  • MRI with contrast is possible

Included Areas:

  • Liver and gallbladder: Diagnosis of cirrhosis, gallstones, tumors.
  • Pancreas: Detection of pancreatitis, cysts, tumors.
  • Spleen (spleen): Assessment of the condition in case of injuries, inflammations, infections.
  • Stomach and intestines: Diagnosis of ulcers, tumors, inflammation.

CT Urology

In the field of urology, CT is a key diagnostic method for detecting various diseases of the genitourinary system. At AversMed, we use advanced equipment from Siemens, which allows us to obtain detailed and accurate images.

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Examination options:
  • with contrast only
  • MRI with contrast is possible

Areas included:

  • Kidneys and urinary tract: Diagnosis of stones, tumors, cysts and other pathologies.
  • Bladder: Detection of lesions, tumors, ulcers.
  • Prostate: Detailed assessment in case of suspicion of hyperplasia, tumors, inflammation.

CT scan of the pelvic organs

CT of the pelvic organs is an important examination method for assessing the state of the organs and structures in the pelvic area. At AversMed, we offer this type of examination on modern Siemens equipment.

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Examination options:
  • with contrast only
  • MRI with contrast is possible

Включені Області:

  • Uterus and ovaries: Diagnosis of fibroids, cysts, tumors and other conditions.
  • Prostate and testicle: Assessment in inflammation, tumors, hyperplasia.
  • Intestine and rectum: Detection of ulcers, polyps, tumors.
  • Blood vessels: Evaluation of anatomy and possible pathological changes.


  • With contrast: For in-depth study of vascularization and details of structural changes.
  • Without contrast: In cases where contrast is contraindicated or to assess the basic state of the organs, we can offer an MRI of the pelvic organs

CT of the joints

Computed tomography (CT) of joints is an important tool in diagnosing various problems of the musculoskeletal system. At AversMed, we offer to combine CT diagnostics of joints with MRI diagnostics for accurate and effective diagnostics. MRI is a more accurate method of diagnosing joints. CT Kyiv

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Examination options:
  • with contrast only
  • MRI with contrast is possible

Included Areas:

  • Knee joints: Diagnosis of arthritis, meniscus damage, osteoarthritis.
  • Elbow and shoulder joints: Assessment of tendon, cartilage, and bone condition.
  • Hip joints: Detection of dysplasia, arthrosis, fractures.
  • Ankle and wrist joints: Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, injuries and other pathologies.


  • With contrast: For detailed evaluation of blood vessels and internal structures of the joint.
  • Without contrast: Used for basic diagnosis of joint structures.

Advantages of CT Joints in “AversMed”:

  • High accuracy: Modern CT scanners allow obtaining high-quality images.
  • Speed: The procedure takes little time, which is especially important for injuries.
  • Possibility of complex diagnosis: Combination of CT with MRI for more detailed analysis.

For convenience, you can choose two centers where there is MSCT tomography “AversMed” on the Right Bank or “Doc Life” on the Left Bank, you can count on a professional approach and high quality of service.