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MRI and CT in Kyiv

MRI and CT – the highest image quality, the most accurate results in Kyiv.

AversMed – MRI and CT center in Kyiv

We are a modern medical institution, high quality in providing diagnostic services of MRI and CT diagnostics. Located in the very center of Kyiv, on Podil, Right Bank, on Voznesenskyi Uzviz Street 22. We are located on the first floor of the medical center – the Center for Innovative Medical Technologies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (former name: Hospital of Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine).

MRI and CT center in Kyiv AversMed
MRI and CT center in Kyiv AversMed
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We are pleased to present to you the possibility of convenient online registration for our services via sms of popular messengers. You can use our chat on Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp and make an appointment for MRI and CT diagnosis in just a few SMS. Just add us to Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp at the number +380673909193 and our specialists will be happy to help you with all questions regarding the appointment and selection of a convenient time for the visit.

We understand that your time is valuable, so we try to make the recording process as easy and convenient as possible. Online registration allows you to avoid unnecessary waiting and provide you with instant access to our services.

Don’t delay! Sign up for an online diagnosis right now via Viber chat at +380673909193 and we will be happy to help you provide the best examination of your health.

Diagnostic center AversMed is your reliable partner in accurate diagnostics, available in one click!

A unique technique of scanning the entire body on MRI and CT: for a complete body check-up

Our center offers a unique technique of scanning the whole body on MRI and CT, which allows effective oncological screenings and examination of all anatomical areas. This allows us not only to detect early signs of oncological diseases, but also provides an opportunity to perform a full check-up of the body, assessing the condition of all systems and organs.

  • 13,700 uah – MRI of the whole body
  • 5,600 uah – CT scan of the whole body with contrast

MRI scan

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an advanced technique that provides detailed images of internal body structures, especially soft tissues. This technique is indispensable in the diagnosis of oncological diseases, neurological disorders and damage to the musculoskeletal system. Being characterized by high accuracy, MRI allows detecting pathologies that may not be visible in other diagnostic methods.

Unlike other imaging modalities, MRI does not use X-rays, making it the number one choice for safe monitoring and follow-up examinations. It also finds application in surgical planning, allowing doctors to assess anatomical features in detail before intervention.

  • MRI with contrast
  • MRI of the whole body
  • MRI under anesthesia (medicated sleep)
  • MRI prices in AversMed
МРТ Київ

CT scan

Computed tomography (CT) is an effective diagnostic tool that allows you to obtain detailed images of the internal structures of the body. This method is indispensable in detecting pathological changes in such anatomical areas as the encephalon, chest, abdominal region, pleural cavity, skeleton and articular system.

With the help of CT, it is possible to assess the localization, size and nature of the lesion, to recognize neoplasms, infectious lesions, hematomas and other morphological tissue disorders. An important aspect is also the possibility of conducting a preventive CT scan of the pulmonological profile for the early detection of pathologies of the respiratory system. We can also conduct MRI and CT examinations at the same time

  • CT scan with contrast
  • CT scan of the whole body (cancer screening)
  • CT scan of the lungs with Covid
  • CT scan of the lungs with Covid
КТ Siemens АверсМед
AversMED – Kyiv – Podil

Convenience and Efficiency: The ability to get an MRI and CT scan in one place provides you with convenience and efficiency.

AversMED - Kyiv - Podil

Questions and answers of CT and MRI examination in AversMed, Kyiv. Divide

After an MRI and CT scan at the “AversMed” diagnostic center, you will receive detailed results that will provide you with important information about your health.

  • 10 min – Immediately – Disk or flash drive with a DICOM image
  • 10 min – A3 film for the doctor
  • 6 hours – MRI and CT examination protocol

Our specialists will carefully analyze the obtained images and prepare an examination protocol, which will contain a detailed description of the detected pathologies, the size of the lesions, and will also contain recommendations for further treatment or additional examinations.

The results of the examination will be ready within 6 hours, and you will be able to receive them in the form of a report or diskette with images, depending on your choice.

Our team of specialists is ready to explain the results and answer your questions. You can contact us and we will be happy to help you understand the information received.

Your MRI and CT scan results are important for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable and professional diagnosis so that you can receive the necessary medical care.

Before conducting an MRI and CT examination, it is important to follow certain preparatory instructions that will ensure the best results of the study. Here are some recommendations for preparation:

  • Tell your doctor: Before the test, tell your doctor about all the medicines, vitamins, nutritional supplements, or other supplements you are taking. It is also important to report any allergic reactions or kidney or thyroid problems.
  • Diet: In some cases, a diet may be required before the examination. According to your doctor’s recommendations, you may need to refrain from eating and drinking for a certain period of time before the examination.
  • Removal of metal objects: All metal objects such as jewelry, watches, keys, credit cards, and any implants or prostheses that contain metal components must be removed from the body before an MRI scan.
  • Clothing: Wear comfortable and non-restrictive clothing that does not contain metal elements. At AversMed, you will be asked to change into special medical clothing before the MRI examination.
  • Important medical information: Tell our doctor or medical staff about any previous surgery or metal implants, as well as possible pregnancy or suspected pregnancy, as some tests may be contraindicated in pregnant women.

It is important to follow all instructions to ensure a successful and safe MRI and CT scan. Before the test, discuss any questions or concerns with your doctor or radiologist.

Detailed information about the preparation

At the “AversMed” Diagnostic Center, we offer affordable and competitive prices for MRI and CT diagnostics. Since prices may vary depending on the type of examination, the scope of the examination and other factors, we recommend that you contact our center directly for detailed information on prices and possibilities.

For specific information about the prices of MRI and CT diagnostics at AversMed, Kyiv, Podil, you can call us at +380671728385 or contact us via Viber chat at the same number. Our employees will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information about prices and help you make an appointment for an examination.

At the “AversMed” Diagnostic Center, we strive to ensure the availability and quality of our medical services. Our team is ready to help you get the diagnosis you need at a reasonable price.

To make an appointment for MRI and CT diagnostics at the “AversMed” Diagnostic Center in Kyiv, Podil district, you can use the following methods:

Record by phone

Call us at +380671728385 and our staff will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the available dates and times for the examination and help you book an appointment at your convenience.

VIBER online recording

You can also sign up online via Viber chat. Add us to Viber at +380673909193 and use the online registration option. Our experts in the chat will provide you with all the necessary information and choose a convenient time for your examination.

Regardless of the method you choose, our staff will be happy to help you secure the MRI and CT scan you need. Contact us today and we will do our best to provide you with the best diagnostic service at a time that is convenient for you.

Contacts Us MRI – CT

  • st.m. Contract area
  • st.m. Golden Gate

The diagnostic center is located on the first floor of the medical center – the Center for Innovative Medical Technologies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Modern MRI Siemens 1.5 T – 2021 – an opportunity to undergo diagnostics for children from 6 years old and pregnant women in the city of Kyiv at Podil, Voznesenska Uzviz 22. We conduct MRI diagnostics with contrast and without contrast. More about MRI AversMed

CT computed tomography (MSCT) 160-slice modern CT Toshiba 160 – with a modern function of cardiological diagnostics of the heart and blood vessels. The diagnostic accuracy is 0.1 mm. Possibility of diagnosis of Oncology and CT with contrast of the whole body. More about CT AversMed

The average price for an MRI is UAH 1,900. The average price for a CT scan is UAH 1,300. You can find out about possible discounts and promotions for MRI and CT diagnostic services from the operator of the AversMed call center. Learn more about all MRI and CT Prices

MRI and CT are located in the same AversMed center at the address: Kyiv, Voznesenskyi Uzviz 22, Podil, Right Bank. Also, there is an opportunity to undergo MRI and CT diagnostics on the left bank in the Poznyaki area, st.m. Mushrooms The address of all MRI and CT centers can be found – Contacts

AversMed diagnostic center Kyiv Podil
AversMed diagnostic center Kyiv Podil
МРТ 1.5 Т -  сучасний МРТ Siemens 1.5 Т АверсМмед
МРТ 1.5 Т – сучасний МРТ Siemens 1.5 Т АверсМмед

MRI diagnostics

The accuracy of the 1.5 T MRI is 0.5 mm. Modern magnetic resonance imaging of 2021. From the German company Siemens.

  • 09:00 – 17:00 – without days off
  • MRI price – from UAH 1,900.
  • All types of MRI and contrast examinations
  • Patient weight up to 150 kg.
  • MRI 1.5 Tesla – magnetic field
  • Whole body MRI (modern protocol)
КТ Siemens АверсМед
Комп’ютерний томограф КТ – 160 зрізовий

KT diagnostics

CT diagnostics is widely used in oncology and vascular diagnostics. The accuracy of the CT tomograph is 0.3 mm. The duration of the examination is from 2-5 minutes.

  • 09:00 – 17:00 – without days off
  • CT price – from UAH 1,300.
  • All types of CT examination
  • Patient weight up to 150 kg.
  • 160 slice CT
  • CT scan with contrast (oncology package)
  • CT Angiography (CT of vessels)


We can combine the effectiveness of different diagnostic methods, such as MRI and CT

Each method of MRI or CT diagnosis has its own advantages and features of visualization of problem areas. For example, in oncology, one part is better visualized on CT with contrast (lung oncology) or MRI with contrast (oncology of the small pelvis)

Avers Med: Leader in MRI and CT diagnostics in Kyiv!

The AversMed diagnostic center and the Doc Life MRI and CT center are represented by two centers on both sides of Kyiv, near the Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station in Podil and the Osokorky – Poznyaki station.

Choose the nearest MRI and CT center and sign up for the procedure in a few clicks through our website or via Viber. Our team is always ready to help you choose the best time for your visit and prepare for the procedures.

AversMed is a modern MRI and CT center located in the historical district of Kyiv – Podol

AversMed is a modern MRI and CT center located in the picturesque Podol district of Kyiv. Our uniqueness lies in our cooperation with the Center for Innovative Medical Technologies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the combination of diagnostic capabilities of MRI and CT in one diagnostic center. Such cooperation allows us to provide patients with access to high-class equipment and expertise of leading Kyiv doctors.

One of our key services is whole body MRI, which provides a detailed and thorough examination of all major organs and body systems. MRI with contrast, thanks to the increased clarity of the image, allows our specialists to detect and analyze pathological changes that may be hidden during a standard examination.

But the special pride of AversMed is the ideal combination of MRI and CT in one center, especially when diagnosing oncological diseases. This allows us to provide the most accurate and complete picture of the patient’s health, detecting tumors in the early stages and predicting their development.

Located in the historic center of Kyiv, we are always happy to provide our patients with the best diagnostic experience, comfortable service and answers to all questions related to their health.

CT scsn

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